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HRDS Technologies Pty Ltd is a hydraulics company and offers our Hydraulic Regenerative Drive System (HRDS), which is an intelligent hybrid hydraulic system, for heavy vehicles above 4 tonne.  This system substantially reduces the amount of fuel used with a corresponding reduction in air pollution from all forms of road transport resulting in cleaner air.  Our device almost negates NOx and harmful particulates from the air as well as reduces Co2, reduces brake dust thus drastically reducing pollutants entering water catchments.



The basic concept of the HRDS is to capture and store the energy that is normally dissipated during vehicle deceleration (braking) and then uses that stored energy at a later time to assist the vehicle in acceleration.  This process has a net effect of improving the fuel efficiency, braking, and substantial emission reduction of the vehicle to which it is applied.


The HRDS Technology



Hybrid, hydraulic, regenerative energy

Reduced emissions 

Improved performance

Improved efficiencies


HRDS Technologies Pty Ltd

26 Centenary Drive (P O Box 4141)

Goonellabah  NSW  2480  Australia

P:  +61 400 238 411


HRDS is a green technology company and a world leader in patented parallel hybrid hydraulic regenerative energy technology for urban commercial vehicles, wind turbines, defence vehicles and marine.


HRDS Technologies Pty Ltd is proudly Australian owned.


Winner of the 2010 Low CVP Technology Award UK.